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  August 16, 2017

How human can chatbots become?  “Very”, said Assistant Professor, Samira Shaikh, Ph.D., in the College of Computing and Informatics’ Department of Computer Science.  Part of her ongoing research is to make chatbots as human-like as possible.

“One of my research areas is artificial intelligence and artificial agents,” said Dr. Shaikh.  “I created a chatbot that can really engage individuals in chat room conversations.  Not only can it carry out a conversation, but it can persuade people to change their minds.”

Dr. Shaikh said her research has two main goals.  “One is to...

  August 13, 2017

Fourteen students from colleges and universities from across the country recently participated in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) hosted by the College of Computing and Informatics.  The program engages undergrad students in socially relevant computing research in a collaborative research community.

“We teach research skills through training sessions and experiential hands-on learning,” said Heather Lipford (, Ph.D., REU Site Program Director.  “We welcome participation from all students but we are particularly committed to...

  August 10, 2017

UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics Dean Fatma Mili officially began her tenure Aug. 1, and she looks forward to applying her extensive experience to advance how technology is transformative.

“Computer science and technology are the predominant drivers in all the changes we see in society today,” said Mili. “They are changing what is knowable and accessible and our immediate environment; how we interact with one another; how we communicate, learn and move; and our conception of what it is to be human.”

The College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) is the...

  July 24, 2017

Assistant Professor, Erik Saule, Ph.D., in the College of Computing and Informatics’ Department of Computer Science has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Career Award for his research in Graph Analytics.  In the last two decades, graphs have been applied to virtually all parts of human activity such as health, literature, national defense, GPS systems, traffic analysis for urban planning, etc.  The Internet and the information age in general significantly increased the amount of data that can be leveraged, which has increased the size of the graphs being...

  June 14, 2017

The UNC Charlotte community is pleased to welcome Fatma Mili, Ph.D,  as Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics beginning August 1, 2017.  Dr. Mili joins UNC Charlotte from Purdue University where she is the Founder and Director of the TransSTEM (Center for Trans-institutional Capacity Building and Educational Equity in STEM) at the Purdue Discovery Park, and Professor of Computer and Information Technology.

 As Provost Joan Lorden stated, “We live in a digital world.  UNC Charlotte has sought a collaborative leader who can help us envision and address the present and...

  May 11, 2017

Animation Career Review has released its 2017 rankings in the US. CCI is ranked #16.  To review the entire list go to,1

  May 11, 2017

Animation Career Review has released its 2017 rankings of the top 10 game design schools in the South. It defines the South as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas.   To see the rankings go to

  May 11, 2017

With graduation season upon us, a flood of young talent is preparing to enter the job market. And careers in tech remain a lucrative option for these new graduates: Of the 15 highest paying entry-level jobs, eight are in the tech industry, according to a new report from LinkedIn.  To see the entire article go to 

  April 26, 2017

North Carolina has put out the welcome mat for cyber security engineers, with medium salaries topping $110,000.  To see the entire article and list of cities go to